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The EASYCAD basic libraries contain a diverse range of biomechanical and sensomotor basic models. You can personalize them with an infinite selection of modifications like greater depth, metatarsal pads, raised edges and precise height adjustments. Using the foot scan or pedograph, you can adjust the position of the elements to ensure the correct fit.

Sample video Basic Library BASE biomechanical:



Utilize our indication-specific model libraries.

The dedicated libraries contain the entire wealth of SPRINGER’s sensomotor know-how and expertise. We have an appropriate insole model for every indication. Moreover, our systematic query function will navigate you quickly and competently to the right model. Hover over the foot impression for the options to change module heights and positions.

Sample video Dedicated library PRORPIO Child:


Your advantages

  • Compatible with conventional commercially available measuring systems
  • Installation & Instruction Support



Milled insoles

  • Centralized service for just-in-time milling in Berlin without risking investment or personnel (2 working days plus shipping)
  • Springer milling machine
    In-house fabrication per dongle license


Customized-milled insoles

in 4 minutes


Examination protocols

for gait & posture analysis


Branch store network

thanks to EASYCAD server solution


Quality assurance & documentation




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