Pain patients

The situation

The current absenteeism report of the scientific institution of the AOK names myopathies and skeletal diseases with 24,2% as the cause most commonly occurring for absenteeism. And only very few of them are aware of the fact that the feet are fundament of their posture. The feet influence the limb chain positively and negatively over the ascending muscle chains.

The result

The orthopaedic handicraft has got the chance becoming an indispensable partner in the therapy of chronic spinal diseases. The market is enormous and the level of suffering often so high that affected people accept nearly each financial sacrifice.

The PROPRIO concept - the solution!

Become a strong partner in a network of osteopath, dentist, okometrist, ... You need a wide knowledge and a suitable therapy tool for it. With sensomotoric insoles- adapted for the respective pain symptomatology- you harmonise the muscle tension in the body and better specifically the bodystasis- an analgesic without any side effects!


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