The situation

Walking, jogging- sport in any shape or form is an important balance to the lack of physical exercise in our today’s working world.
More and more people realise it. But up to the present day many books, phyrsiotherapists and doctors  spread the opinion that insoles would slacken the muscular system. This is why only a few sportsmen wear individual  foot beddings true to the motto „ no injury, no insole.“

The result

Roughly 19 million amateur runners, 5 million footballers – it is not overstated to say that the market potential for custom- made sport insoles is very immense in Germany.

The solution- the PROPRIO concept!

Our PROPRIO insole concepts finally will help you to win the big group of hobby sportsmen. with this kind of supply they understand insoles as a training tool for their muscles and not as an orthopaedic tool.


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