Sensorimotor - the future of orthopedics


SPRINGER is the oldest German producer of orthopedic insoles since 1902 and the leading company of the market in making sensorimotor insoles. In the year 2000 the idea of the sensorimotor insole was born and created an unique and producible foot orthotic which is scientific proved and where we create the patent brand PRORPIO®.

PROPRIO® is usable for all kind of people: from children over adults with pain to sportsmen and even neurological patients.

The strategy and the concept of PROPRIO® is innovative. In the year 2013 was the opening of the first flagship store of sensorimotor insoles by SPRINGER called “Sensomotorik Zentrum Berlin” – the paramedical house of the future! Here the clients can find competence and precision in consultation and implementation: a full service station for health without being remembered that pain is in the body.

The message of this concept is transparent: The product is innovative, futuristic and for everybody – and it works because the mankind of people want to be dynamic and they want to live in good health. Wouldn’t you stay like this too?

Since 2013 there are four competence centers of the sensorimotor insoles in Germany. Customers and interested persons of Germany and all over the world come to Berlin and visit our center to get the idea of this innovative strategy.

We are in process now to open new “Sensomotorik Zentrums” further in Germany and also in countries like Austria, Switzerland, Italy, USA and Japan. This Center is your possibility to get new customers. We proudly invite you to visit our flagship store and want you to take into the future – to create also your paramedical house of the future in you city one day.

Let us talk and discuss about it.


Berlin – GERMANY


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 Your Benefits

  • Get to know the active concept of PROPRIO® sensorimotor insoles and how it can be used for children, pain patients, sportsmen or neurological patients
  • A future shop concept – Sensomtorik Zentrum Berlin
  • Learn how to reach new customers and make your company more profitable
  • Become a member of a strong network


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